Travelling to Berlin from Birmingham has been another epic journey of mine: 4,30 hours to Stansted Airport on the National Express coach service and a crazy stressful time checking in with Ryan Air with over weigh luggage (although we were prepared) and very light weight budget and they still are trying to scam and suck every penny out of you. I hate them!! We were packing and unpacking for 2 more hours at the airport, trying to cheat the system that can only get the real worse out of you. Please note that we had been packing for a week before that, shifting my plastic bags around, from one suitcase to the other, weighing them over and over, in order to follow the RULES of “cheap” flying.
Through out the whole airport, Veronica, my partner, out of stress was sweating, while I was swearing, while “they” (Ryan Air) kept weighing our humongous and deceiving hand luggage, I even had to run away from some Ryan Air security chick that was trying to stop me and again weigh and measure my trolley while bossing me around. I had to have them chase me, and me shouting angrily back at them, trying to get away with 5 extra kilos: 100 pounds worth in surcharges… the end we made it…I don’t really know how! We were both completely exhausted from the experience, thanks God for beer……
I think the whole experience as comic and tragic as it was is probably impossible to fully describe!
Anyways, Veronica who is Mexican-American, is barely getting over the shock of our European low cost airlines and I am used to it by now!
Here are 2 pics of how I travelled with all my bags. In this instance I was travelling by train to the Rhyl Art Centre with 2000 plastic bags.
I don’t have images of how I recently travelled to Stamford by train with 2,50 meters long and one meter wide monsterish black bin bags wrapped package. The preparation for travelling, not to mention the stress, take more time to construct than the actual art work! Walking around with them and trying to fit them in all sort of public means of transportation is in fact a very entertaining performance for the casual audience that always seems very intrigued and interested in the happening. Maybe I should consider to move on, and make that my actual work. I am sure at some point I will be integrating it all into my work some how!

Before taking my work down at the Rea Garden in Birmingham I did a silent performance which I filmed. I have one hour film footage that I am aiming at editing into a final video piece.

I think fiming my installations while in the process of destroying them is a direction that I am drifting into more and more and that I am lately very keen to explore.
I am attaching few images of the aftermath of the performance.

Before traveling to Berlin and in between hanging and drying plastic bags at the Rea Garden I was in Scotland, that also was my very first time. I loved it! and I was surprise how good haggis tastes and got addicted to it. I could not make myself eat the deep fried Mars bars though! Instead i greedily devoured the as solid and sculptural architectural shapes of the city of Glasgow, possibly my favourite between the two: the other of course in competition is Edinburgh. Of Edinburgh I liked that natures envelopes it all around and the decorative constructions climb down from the hills into the sea.

But what I enjoyed even more was the Scottish Royal Academy Degree show. It was very impressive to me. I don’t remember to have recently seen such an extended excellent combination of great craft, humor, and interesting concepts. All work on display were truly inspirational and managed to trigger an unresistable desire to make better art to push myself further. Hopefully i will get into an MA programme soon too!
So going back to my bags, I did say that I was posting some images of the drying process, here we go:

Good morning everyone,

I have just arrived in Berlin after a crazy time drying all my bags and making and setting up a new work at Burghley House in Stamford. Stamford is a really special town, everyone should make a trip there. This little jewel is set admits enchanting countryside. Burghley house is even more impressive: A grandiose Elizabethan palace is surrounded by extensive grounds with dears and sheep all over and a manicured park with romantic gardens.
In a section of these gardens a selection of sculptures are on show until November. Some are permanent but most are not. The show is curated by Mike Shaw and I think he has done an excellent job creating a very interesting sculpture garden.
My great challenge in this occasion is to leave my ephemeral work outdoor for more than 4 months. But I had to come to terms than i can only have control to a limited and certain extend.
so I should just relax and observe the process of transformation that will inevitably occur in those months. Hopefully Mike and Anthony (Mike’s Shaw assistant) will document those change and forward them to me while I am in Canada for my next residency.
Here are some pics of the installation.

Hello everyone!

This is my very first blog EVER! How embarrassing is that!!
Anyways…Happy Easter everyone!…I am starting mine in ten minutes, after I finish writing this.
I will be cooking a nice easter meal and have some wine too as a treat for making art all the time…that is the best part really!!! The art and the TREAT!
The past week I have been taking my work down, from my last show at the Rea Garden in Birmingham were I have just finished attending a three month residency
here are a couple of unedited pics, I was told that 483 visitors came to see the show in just 2 weeks, WOW, I was impressed and flattered, still nobody has yet seen the images, I have taken of my work….
The piece is titled: “Shipwrecked: my life for a bag” and the 500 bags hanging from the sky that you can see in the picture contain water.
Anyway the task for the past few rainy days has been to dry the plastic bags as I recycle the very same ones over and over into new art works.
As usual it is race against time as i will need them for my next group show at Burghley House next week.
I will post a picture of how they bags look now soon.
got to rush for my treat