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You might think, and I too think, that I might be in love with Berlin, like probably most artists!

Still I am the biggest fan of Britishness and British culture and I’ve always loved to live in London even if at times it has been tough to survive. After graduating, in fact, I quickly realized that I could not do it all and by myself: live, make art full time, in London. The first year after my graduation in 2005 I was making art from home, then slowly and shyly I ventured outdoors. It was a necessity really, but I enjoyed it a lot! since then it has been a half conscious process that has lead me to realized that it all links into the concept of my art-making and my concerns and that my strength was most likely in outdoor work, even though I enjoy making art anywhere, indoors as well.
So after my very first residency (at I-Park, Connecticut, where I made my first ambitious outdoor project, picture left) and then the second one (Ireland, picture below) in 2006, it was clear that that, was the way to go, to keep the art making going, the pushing towards more ambitious projects, and at the same time loving it all. Since then I’ve obsessively started applying, a bad habit that I’ve kept…. and voila’…that was it, the beginning of an addictive nomadic and homeless life!
One of my main surprising discoveries during this journey is on how very little one can survive on and still be a happy and fulfilled being. Please note that this optimistic statement is not taking in consideration and turning a blind eye on the dark patches and stretches that one has to encounter from time to time.
Anyways, regardless of that at this point I am not sure anymore If I am following my art, by chasing it wherever it takes me, or if my art is following me wherever I go, or if we are just chasing each other to the point of total confusion and union!
All of this to say that I don’t have a permanent studio nor a permanent living place, I used to have one! Now home is wherever my boxed up plastic bags are and the motto is: ‘make the most of what you have, adapt quickly and enjoy it!’
So every new place is a new sublet flat to settle into and a foreigner land to discover and to find out where to get all your art supplies, and everything an artist might need!
Nevertheless the residencies I was so fortunate to attended to this point have all provided me with great amazing indoor and outdoor spaces and facilities, where I was able to develop my work and my ideas and my portfolio.
Last year I was also very fortunate to have been awarded the Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner Grant. Thanks to that generous support I was able to treat myself with a 250 square meters studio space here in Berlin. For 4 privileged months, I did not have to organize, coordinate, nor worry and be preoccupied about finance, traveling, arranging accommodation and flights and whatever else is so time consuming.

These are some images of one the installations that were followed by a performance that took place in my Berliner studio in Friedrichshein.

The title for this work is” Chain Reaction”
And for the work below it’s “GREED”
Here below is also an outdoor work called ” Urban Candle”

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