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So I presume that this is how it happened!

I worked until late last night. It has been a busy week. It took longer than I thought to gather my materials. Not the various tapes and the 400 meters of fishing line. But the 100 meters of Metal Wire, which is not just any flimsy metal wire, I hope! but a special one for me! It is a stronger iron and steel mixture wire, that should make its 3 mm. body stronger and somehow rigid but still bendable and not so heavy in weight for the sake of plane transportation! I have now chosen 2 different kinds of this wire, each with slightly different properties hoping that they will grace my sculpture with two different range of movements and reactions to the natural elements: wind and air and possibly rain too.
So as you can notice from the pics the bags are taking over, but not just in my life and in the studio flat here in Berlin, but all over the places, one could in fact say across the world! For instance I keep about 50 thousands bags stored in my London Storage, Probably another dozen of thousands at my parents garage in Italy, more boxed up bags are at Veronica’s storage in Los Angeles,

then at my friend’s Nina Haft in Oakland, CA with whom in exchange I did a collaboration with her dance company and lent my work I did a Djerassi, in Woodside, CA. that was also recently displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose, CA and other bags are stored in Mexico, at the dearest artist and gallery owner house Mary Brenemann.
Ah and i almost I forgot, I also have a work stored over here in Berlin at the Gallery Infantellina where I was part of group show last year.

Here are couple of images of those works stored around.
I have been trying to upload a short video of the outdoor installation: BLOW ME AWAY IF YOU CAN! made at Djerassi last year, i might have to paste it to a separate page.
These are the all the bags that get to travel around and see a new life in a new form in a new place every time. It is almost biblical how light and air gives them life and shape nd how they resuscitate each time into a new artwork.
These are just few of the boxes that I kept shipping around the USA while attending various artist’ residency programme across the Country.

So my life as most other artist’s life is all about art all the time and everywhere at all times.
When I am not busy making art or traveling or going to exhibitions or applying for new possibilities I should really make time reading my friends blogs…..I still did not get around to do that, but maybe you can!! Here some addresses if you are interested in people’s blogs that are traveling or making art or both:

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  1. thanks for the shout out on our blog! How many bags are you working with for your new piece?

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